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2015-04-29 09:19:05 -0500 edited answer Does DataONE have services available for librarians outside the earth and environmental sciences?

The Best Practices ( are quite universal and can be promoted across all disciplines. The Data Management Plan Tool (DMPTool;, to which we have contributed, is also applicable across disciplines. Particularly if your institution supports InCommon (, you can tailor the DMPTool to tell your researchers about the resources your institution has to offer. Other DataONE resources promoted through the Resources link on our website ( are also quite general.

From a cyberinfrastructure perspective, there are common needs for data management across all disciplines. For example, DataONE supports Dublin Core as a metadata standard, which is not discipline-specific. Other metadata formats (such as Ecological Metadata Language) have features targeted at the needs of earth and environmental scientists, such as the need to reference data based on place, time, and species. We are working with institutions that are hosting data from a broad range of disciplines, and we are always interested in ways of extending DataONE to meet broader science needs. We started with the Earth and environmental sciences, and we're building on that core strength. If you have specific needs or interests, please feel free to contact us.

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