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2013-04-29 15:09:38 -0500 asked a question How frequently does DataONE synchronize with Member Nodes, and will data permissions affect synchronization?

A couple people at my institution contribute data to KNB. This is harvested by you, and available through DataONE. Recently some of our metadata disappeared from DataOne and I suspect it is because the permissions on the metadata set were accidentally changed and they became private. When this happens, does it get dropped from DataONE? I am guessing you only harvest or maintain KNB metadata sets where the access permissions are public.

One of our formerly private metadata records has just been edited to allow for public read access, so I assume it will be harvested by DataONE again. How often do you harvest from member nodes?

Thanks for any information or insight you can provide.

Amy C. Schuler Director, Information Services & Library Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies PO Box AB, 2801 Sharon Turnpike Millbrook, New York, 12545