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Does DataONE have training/teaching materials for instructors?

asked 2013-04-03 12:55:14 -0500

miriams gravatar image

updated 2013-10-24 14:22:16 -0500

Steinhart gravatar image

Does DataONE have any training/teaching modules for instructors who want to encourage data management and data sharing?

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answered 2013-04-03 12:56:16 -0500

miriams gravatar image

updated 2013-04-05 17:47:21 -0500

skye gravatar image

Yes. DataONE provides 10 data management training modules that can be easily integrated into a lecture, seminar, or workshop. They are available here If you use any of the modules, the DataONE team would appreciate knowing how they were used and your feedback on them. The DataONE Education section also provides additional resources that may be of interest.

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