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If your university participates in InCommon, then you can use your university account to search, retrieve, and contribute data. See for a list of organizations participating in InCommon.

In addition:

  • Much of the data available through DataONE does not require login for search and download. You can, for example, search and download data through (ONEMercury)[] without ever needing to log in.

  • DataONE uses CILogon and InCommon as a mechanism for users to log in with their normal account from their institution, but this requires that your institution is both a member of InCommon and that they allow CILogon to act as a service provider using your institution's identities. If your institution is not listed in our dropdown form, please send an email request to '' and we will attempt to get your institution listed as a CILogon identity provider. This may take a while, depending on the rate at which the various institutions respond to our request or have other reasons to join InCommon.

  • If your university doesn't participate in InCommon, you can use a Google account with CILogon for logging in to DataONE. However, that account probably won't have access to any more data than you'd have access to anonymously through the ONEMercury search interface.

  • To contribute data to a DataONE Member Node, that member node has to give you permissions. Just having an InCommon account that works with CILogon and can be used to log in to DataONE does not mean you can directly contribute data and make it available through DataONE. See How can I contribute data to DataONE? for more details about making your data available to others.

  • These InCommon accounts are only used for searching, retrieving, and contributing data. If your need is to contribute code to the DataONE repository, read/write documents from our DataONE collaboration area, or work with DataONE issue tracking tickets, see How can I get an account to contribute to DataONE?