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DataONE completely respects the permissions that are set on data and metadata from Member Nodes -- so yes, if you set a data package to private, it will disappear from the public search in DataONE. That said, it is still harvested by DataONE, and if you are logged in with the appropriate accounts you could see the data set (although not through the DataONE web site -- we only show public data there for now). Harvest schedules are determined by Member Nodes, and in the case of the KNB, we ask to be harvested every three minutes. So changes should show up pretty quickly, assuming that the Coordinating Nodes are not busy harvesting some other node with a large number of changes. After you reset the permissions to public on the KNB, wait 3-5 minutes and they should show up on DataONE.

If you are interested in the harvest schedules for other Member Nodes, they are listed in our node registry: