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Contributions to DataONE are made through Member Node repositories, and each of these repositories has their own policies as to who is able to submit. Nevertheless, several repositories are open to data submissions from throughout the community. For example:

  • The KNB Member Node supports contributions of ecological and environmentally relevant data from individual researchers, research programs, and research networks, and also supports replication of data that originates from other Member Nodes. Submitting to the KNB can be done through the KNB Data Registry as well as through tools from the Investigator Toolkit such as Morpho and R. In addition, the KNB supports the DataONE API, thus allowing people to write scripts in their language of choice to submit data as well.
  • The ONEShare Member Node supports contributions of data from individual researchers that use Microsoft Excel to manage data. Through the DataUp tool, which is also part of the Investigator Toolkit, users can assess, document, and upload data to ONEShare, thereby making it accessible in DataONE.
  • Each of the other Member Nodes have their own policies and procedures for submitting data for inclusion in their repositories. For example, the PISCO Member Node only supports data submission for projects directly affiliated with PISCO, and the ORNL DAAC Member Node has a detailed data submission and data quality review process used to curate data being submitted to their archive.

The Investigator Toolkit will support an increasing variety of software that can be used to contribute data to Member Nodes, and we expect additional Member Nodes to join the federation that support open deposition of data to their repositories.